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Whilst we don't like generalising everything, many enquiries and questions we're asked are the same, so in order to help you make a decision (or at least, avoid waiting for us to get back to you) we have included the most commonly asked questions here.  If there is anything else that you need to know, we are of course happy to be phoned or e mailed.

"You've got WiFi, right?"

No, please be aware that we do not have wifi in our homes!  It is also worth considering that due to our rural location, mobile phone signals can be a little hit and miss (as a general rule, O2 and Vodafone are good, EE is not so great).  As for 4G, you can get this to the north of the Island, but sadly, not with us.  If this is a deal breaker, we suggest that we're not the right place for you :-)

"I want to book, but I need to check the cost of the ferries first, but don't know what to book first!"

We get it, you don't want to pay for your accommodation with us and then find that there are no ferries or vice versa.  We suggest that you give us a call so we can check availability, and temporarily hold the unit for you.  Once you have made the ferry booking, you can then give us a call and arrange to pay the deposit.  We would like to point out that we can issue you a discount code for Red Funnel ferry crossings, so it is worth having a chat with us first!

"Are the deposits refundable?"

Not usually, no.  The purpose of the deposit is to secure your booking with us, and during peak season we are often able to let out the units many times over.  Out of season, we can some times move bookings to alternative weeks.

In some cases, we will have a 'waiting list' and if we can re-let your booking, we will refund your deposit.

The best thing is to call us as soon as you can, the more notice we have that your plans have changed, the more likely we can resolve your issue.

"What are the best things to do near you?"

This depends on what you're looking to get out of your holiday!

Some guests want nothing more than to switch off from the world, sitting in the corner of the field and painting (yes, this has happened before!) whereas others want to explore, whether this is the natural beauty of the Island including caves, chines, coves, coastlines and cliffs, or the historical castles, stately homes and listed buildings.

For those seeking a more active holiday, we're close by to Tapnell Farm Park, which has a number of outdoor activities, including archery, shooting, football golf and lots more.  Other things to do are a trial day at paragliding (I can personally vouch for this!) as well as skydiving (from Sandown Airport) kayaking, dinosaur fossil walks, go-karting (at Ryde).

We are sure that whatever you're looking for to get out of your holiday, the Island won't leave you disappointed.

"Your units sleep 6, but we're a larger group, will we all fit?"

This depends on how cosy you want to get!  Our mobile homes are designed as holiday units, and space is limited, as are the number of beds.  The beds are generally slightly narrower than you may be used to (the singles are 2ft 6, rather than the standard 3ft for example) so 'top & tailing' might not be so easy.  If you wish for some of your party to sleep in the living area, this is something that only you can decide whether it will be practical / possible for the duration of your stay - points to consider are when you'd go to sleep, get up, eat and so on.  

You might love your friends dearly, but being in a smaller than usual space with them, and their children (and possibly yours for a week might prove a little testing).

The reason we would need to know beforehand (at the time of booking) how many adults and children there are likely to be is so that we can ensure that there is enough bedding, not so that we will charge more.

"Do you accept dogs and is there an additional charge?"

We love dogs!  You will more than likely come face to face with Sam, our own large and lumbering retriever (he hasn't got the idea of fetch, but he will look at you with pleading big brown eyes begging for food!)

If you would like to bring your furry family member too, generally we're fine with that, but on condition that:

 - they're completely trustworthy with unknown people (we have potentially two other families staying on site, who might be afraid of dogs and this is their holiday too)

 - that you clean up after your dog (always and everywhere, the field is regularly used for kids to play in, so where your dog goes, you go too to collect any mess) 

 - they're kept on a lead

 - they're not likely to run after the wildlife (this includes rabbits, pheasants, squirrels, birds, frogs and toads)

 - Lastly, we appreciate that you can't always clean every paw spotlessly, but in the event of a wet, muddy dog coming into the caravan and shaking, you are required to clean it.

We ask that you let us know at the time of booking, in previous years we have deliberately kept a mobile home 'dog free' to cater for those who have allergies.

Finally, no, there is no additional charge.

"What do I need to bring?"

Our mobile homes are set up for self-catering holidays, which in our case means that you need to bring all of your own food, drink and toiletries, as well as sheets, duvet covers and towels (beach, shower and tea-towels).  

The mobile homes include plenty of cooking utensils, pots and pans, knives, forks, spoons, plates and crockery, a microwave oven, toaster, gas hob and oven, kettle and so on.  We provide the duvets and pillows, but you'll need to bring your own bed linen.

There is one TV (with built in DVD player) in the lounge and a selection of DVDs in the laundry room, ranging from 'U' ratings through to '18'.  There are also a selection of novels which are freely available.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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