COVID19 - What it means for your booking

Government advice at this time, has given the tourist industry the green light (there are a couple of rules over the next month of so - no mixed families for example - but in the main, we're planning to be welcoming guests from mid-April.

Covid19 hasn't gone away, and we will be ensuring that we remain fully compliant with all legislation and guidance.  We're keen to avoid any further lockdown and any further disruption to business, but the thing we're most looking forward to is getting back to normal!  We've missed the buzz of excited guests phoning up to see if they can leave their bags and head to the beach because they managed to catch an earlier ferry, we've missed hearing children excitedly telling their parents that they've 'seen a funny coloured chicken' (which we assume is actually a pheasant!) ... we've missed you!

So for now, we're taking bookings as normal.  If you transferred your booking from last year, we respectfully ask you to confirm as soon as possible.

"I booked last year and was unable to come, can I book now?"

At present, we are able to take bookings for the coming year with holidays starting on the 12th April (our site will reopen on the 16th April).  We will adhere to any and all regulations at that time.  It is likely that some industries may still be closed, so if you're hoping for a 'normal' holiday, we suspect it will be a good while before that is possible. 

In 2020, we refunded virtually all bookings, in full and without question or hesitation.  There were several guests who wanted to transfer their stay to 2021, and we would urge and encourage you / them to make your booking as soon as possible.  We are unable to keep dates 'pencilled in' the diary indefinitely and as we hope you appreciate, we are unable to turn potential bookings away.

As before, in all cases of your holiday being cancelled as a result of Covid19, we will refund 100% of the money paid to us (we cannot refund third party costs, such as your ferry fare) directly back to you.  No ifs, no buts.  You can also transfer your booking to any other week, should it be available (including to the following year).  All we ask is that you let us know as soon as possible.

"I've booked and am still coming to stay, is it covid safe?"

Our units have always been thoroughly cleaned after every guest(s) and we hope that guests have found them to be clean, but it is true that we are now spraying, boiling, scrubbing and wiping everything in sight, and then doing it again.  During every 'change over', the cleaning regime includes, but is not limited to...

  • All switches, dials, buttons and taps, TV remote and locks, are sprayed, then wiped with an anti-bacterial cleansing agent;

  • All bedding has protective covers which are changed (after each guest);

  • All cutlery is removed and placed into boiling water and dried;

  • All windows (and mirrors) inside and out, are cleaned with an anti-bacterial cleaner;

  • All internal hard floor surfaces are cleaned using a steam mop with an anti-bacterial cleaner;

  • A complimentary bottle of hand-gel and anti-bacterial spray is put in each unit for your use.

These are just some of the measures that we have taken, although of course, the list is not exhaustive.

We ask you to use your sense of judgement in terms of whether you mix with guests from other units and are respectful of other people staying on site.

"But what if there is another lockdown?"

We are mindful that government guidance changes frequently, but our core values have not since we started in 1999 - we want to provide great quality, low cost accommodation in a beautiful part of the Island.  We want you to enjoy your stay with us whenever that might be, so if you need to change, amend, cancel or consider your booking, we ask that you get in touch at the earliest opportunity.  

We sincerely hope that we never have to live through another lockdown again, but we will of course be fully and totally compliant with any guidance and legislation if and when issued.

"What's open on the Island, is there anything left?!"

We can't promise that your favourite cafe, restaurant or kids play area has been able to reopen, but being an Island, we're blessed with so much 'free' stuff we're certain that you will have a great holiday anyway!

The Island has beaches to suit everyone, forest walks, downland walks, field walks not to mention many great facilities such as a sports centre, Tapnell Farm Park, Yarmouth Castle, Fort Victoria (with reptilerium and planetarium) and did we mention beaches, all within 4 miles of our site.  The sports centre has remained open and even had a visit from HRH Prince Edward during the pandemic for it's fantastic efforts in serving the community, Tapnell Farm Park is itching to reopen it's doors, Yarmouth Castle is part of English Heritage and will be open for centuries to come and the smaller, locally owned businesses such as those at Fort Victoria are counting on your visit. 


We are confident that you'll have a great time here on the Island!