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If you love nature and wildlife then you have come to the right place! Our caravans are situated amongst woodland and copse and there is an abundance of activity going on, day and night. It is wonderful to wake up to the gentle sound of bird song, or sit out in the evening and spot the fox cubs playing nearby. A bird lovers paradise, we have so many breeds visiting our home - Guests are welcome to leave bird seeds and nuts out for the birds and the famous Isle of Wight Red Squirrels.


Here are some of our guest photographs..

What can you see?

Red Squirrels, Foxes and Cubs, Badgers, Barn Owls, Pheasants, Hares, Bats, Various small birds including Robins, Woodpeckers, Curlews, Swallows and Wrens; Hummingbird Hawk Moths, Kestrals, many breeds of Butterfly, Stoats, Rabbits and much much more!


We have a guest book where many of our guests have reported sightings of wildlife at the Fruit Farm - No one goes home without seeing a red squirrel!

our green policy

Our wildlife and natural habitat is top of the list and comes first here, always.

There are many bird nesting boxes. We put up a swift tower three years ago and we have insect tubes around for solitary bees etc.


For guests wishing to visit without bringing a car over, we can collect you from the ferry and take you back for your return. We can only make this offer for the Yarmouth to Lymington route, but for the other ferries we can collect you from the bus stop at Yarmouth.


We now seem to have managed to establish a Great Crested Newt colony here after many years of perseverance, it’s early days yet but we are hoping the numbers will soon build up. We have large numbers of smooth (common) newt and palmate newts.


We have different bins to put your rubbish in, so that most of it can be recycled.


Most of the lighting in the mobile homes are low energy bulbs.


In 2005 we won the Green Island Award, coming first out of 61 entries.

We support charities..

We support the Gift To Nature scheme and The Red Squirrel Trust, by inviting our guests to add £1.00 donation when booking (optional), we will match this with £1.00 of our own. The proceeds are shared out to both charities at the end of the season.


If you have a preference, please let us know on your booking form. There is also a collection box for the Red Squirrel Trust in the Laundry Room. We also have the yearly certificates, showing the amount raised for these hard working and worthwhile organisations.

“A Night Heron was spotted at one of your ponds, and is only the 7th to be recorded on the IOW since recordning began!”

“We saw a Barn Owl working the hedge on the Bridlepath...MAGIC! We watched it for about 5 minutes..”

“A completely relaxing holiday. Plenty of wildlife and a very peaceful environment..I will return!..”

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